About BAM! Healthy Cuisine

The first good-for-you food that tastes good.

Local husband and wife entrepreneurs bring fresh flavors to two Stark County BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE restaurant locations.

They call it “FRESH • FLAVORFUL • FOOD.” Customers call it impossible that healthy food can be tasty food like this. In 2005, Ashley Fockler and Michael Roberts started BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE to fill a gap in their own dining needs, and in the process filled a major gap in area fast-casual dining. As Ashley put it, “You’d work so hard to feel good, but then there was nowhere to go after you worked out.”

So they cracked the code to combine nutritious with delicious (“BAMlicious!”) by making everything as fresh as possible. “We start with things fresh from the earth,” she explains. “The lettuce is Ohio-grown and we cut everything by hand. Nothing is from a bag. We make our own tortillas that we use in all our wraps.”

Ashley’s husband Michael puts the BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE experience into four main categories: Wraps & Sandwiches, Perfect Pizza, Satisfying Salads and Power Bowls, along with SmoothShakes, BAM! Ballz (a healthy spin on snack treats) and sides. “People expect a salad or a bowl to be healthier alternatives, but nobody expects pizza or wraps or sandwiches to have the kind of healthy ingredients and still taste great. The first time they try our food, they’re usually stunned.”

The BAM! surprise.

BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE has become popular enough for Ashley and Michael to add a second location. In addition to the original Washington Square restaurant in North Canton, there’s a new spot at Nobles Pond in Jackson Township. “It’s bright and spacious, plus both locations have great patios, for a dining experience that’s just as fresh and natural as the food itself,” says Michael.

The BAM! surprise is the amazing balance between better-for-you eating with better taste. This means that anyone can enjoy BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE. It isn’t only for super-fit people. And BAM! isn’t a strictly vegetarian restaurant. The menu appeals to everyone from a crazy carnivore to a veggie freak. As Ashley puts it, “We have probably one of the most diverse range of customers, from young kids to older people and everyone in between. It’s really neat to see everyone wanting to eat healthy.”

The secret to the surprise is uncompromising freshness. Everything at BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE is made fresh, and nothing is pre-made. The highest quality ingredients, sourced as fresh as possible and prepared fresh while you wait breaks the flavor barrier. “People don’t have to make those faces like they used to when hearing about eating healthy,” kids Michael. “You don’t have to hold your nose to chew! Fresh food is actually flavorful food.” Originally, the BAM! name was based on initials from Body And Mind, because BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE fuels and nourishes the body and the mind with food and positivity.

Because everything is made fresh, BAM! HEALTHY CUISINE is good for those with dietary restrictions or who choose to be careful about what they eat. “It’s easy to customize orders so people get all of what they want and none of what they don’t,” says Ashley. “Plus we’re always trying new things to keep people happy.”